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Bobby Rush Sitting on top of the Blues – Blues record review with Grego

by | Feb 21, 2022

bobby rush sitting on top of the blues cover art and review

Sitting on Top of the Blues Review by Grego Anderson

Bobby Rush began his recording career at the ripe old age of 31 when his first single was “cut” in 1945. Nearly 60 years later, Rush continues to perform his colorful – and at times downright raunchy – Blues when many of his contemporaries are relegated to the rocking chair. This record is a bit of a departure from his funk tinged swampy persona of his golden era – however, Rush still can kick out the deep, soulful sounds of a man who has spent his life in the smoky bars and clubs of the south.

Delightfully woven tales of women and men trying to “play” each other in the age old battle of the sexes are the theme – and Bobby has enough self confidence to declare himself a champion of the sport…. even into his senior years.

Sitting on top of the Blues has a multitude of styles to keep you entertained – from the country blues styles of ‘Recipe for love”, the lighthearted grooves of “pooky poo” and the get up and dance vibes of “good stuff” will make this disc a staple in your personal house of blues.

Bobby Rush doesn’t rewrite his book of blues tricks on this effort – it’s still the same rough and tough vocals, sweet harp and a band of skilled cats backing him up…this record holds up just fine next to the grammy winning “Porcupine meat” release from 2016.

I give it 4 of 5 stars, and seem to find myself humming “you got the goods on you” more often than not. A fun add to your blues collection.

bobby rush sitting on top of the blues cover art and review



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