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Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson

Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson, was born into the Blues on July 13, 1954 in Spartanburg, SC. Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson is the son of the legendary Piedmont Blues artist Pink Anderson and Mary Geneva Flynn Bryant. His musical career started at about the age of three as he performed with his father during the Medicine Show era as a tap dancer and singing along with him. It was at this time that Pink Anderson began teaching his son to play the acoustic guitar. Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson still performs the highly entertaining old folk songs that his Dad made famous. Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson is a hero of the American roots, bent on preserving his daddy’s legacy and on securing a page of his own in the blues’ grand story book. Carolina Bluesman (Little Pink Anderson’s CD on Music Maker Recordings) is what he’s done. His album is both subtle and mighty. It’s beautiful and funny and heartbreaking and chilling. It’s virtuosic and elemental. It’s a piece of Pink Anderson that no one but the son could replicate, and it’s a testament to Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson’s own individual gifts.