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Chris Thomas King biography

Born: October 14, 1963, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Also known as: Chris Thomas

The essence of Chris Thomas King’s versatile, heavily blues-influenced music can perhaps best be hinted at with a quick sample of his album titles: his 1986 debut, The Beginning; 1995’s 21st Century Blues…From da Hood; 2000’s Me, My Guitar and the Blues; and 2002’s Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues. King’s early influences leaned toward soul, rock and reggae, specifically Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, but it was inevitable that his blues birthright (as the son of Louisiana bluesman Tabby Thomas) would eventually wend its way into his work. King toured Europe with his father in 1983, and since then the blues have been an integral part of his work. Throughout his career he has fused the blues with hip hop, rap, funk and soul, and also has repeatedly returned to a more pure form of blues, exploring the soul and history of the music in a critically acclaimed, always-evolving body of work. King is most recently known for his appearance on the award-winning soundtrack from the film O Brother Where Art Thou , in which he also played a supporting role.