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John Mayall biography

John Mayall Born: November 29, 1933, Manchester, England

John Mayall has considerable talent as a composer and performer – it is often overshadowed by the influence of his ever-changing band, the Bluesbreakers, which has been in existence since the early 1960’s, and early on gained a prestigious reputation that has endured to the present day. Mayall brought together a stunning array of talent in the groundbreaking group, which mined the annals of American blues history in addition to performing original music. The group was partly experimental, and as a result its sound was inconsistent, but much of it was outstanding. Many members of the Bluesbreakers subsequently became superstars. Even a short list of the band’s veterans reads like a who’s who in enduring sixties and seventies blues-rock: Eric Clapton and bassist Jack Bruce, who left to form the supergroup Cream; guitarist Mick Taylor, who left to join the Rolling Stones; and guitarist Peter Green, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood, who with others co-founded Fleetwood Mac (originally conceived as a pure blues band). Mayall continues to perform, often with longtime Bluesbreakers veterans and other blues legends.

John Mayall on record

Essential listening: “All Your Love,” “Room to Move,” “Ramblin’ On My Mind,” “Parchman Farm,” “It Ain’t Right”

  John Mayall