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Today in Blues history – January 23, 1911 – Rev. Dan Smith is born

by | Jan 20, 2021

BLUES HARMONICA player, singer and street evangelist Rev. Dan Smith died in November. Best known to Gospel music enthusiasts for his duet with Julie Miller on the latter’s ‘He Walks Through Walls’ album and to blues aficionados for his album on Biograph ‘God Is Not Dead’. The Rev. Dan, after many years living the life of an itinerant street musician and evangelist, was latterly managed by Tochi Seeger (wife of folk legend Pete Seeger) and in 1992 recorded a critically acclaimed gospel blues album ‘Just Keep Going On’ for Glasshouse. Michael Hakarson-Stacy’s Time And Strike label has assembled an album of live Dan Smith recordings ‘Live At Fox Hollow: 1969-1980′. On a personal note, the album “just keep goin’ on” has a permanent place in my heart as it arrived at a difficult time in my life many moons ago…. chock full of amazing lyrics, musicianship and the voice of the good Reverend…. crackly, scratchy and full of vintage wisdom and experiences.

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