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The finest Blues folk art galleries – where to buy Blues artwork

by | Jan 16, 2020

robert johnson blues painting folk art cabinet door big wooden art piece

What are the best websites to purchase blues folk art paintings? is the unquestioned world leader in Blues folk art – all the legends, thousands of paintings have been created and sold thru in the past 18 years… Free US shipping sets apart for all the other galleries still in operation.

There are only a handful of artists who are keeping the authentic southern folk art style going… and even fewer quality folk art galleries still in business. The big folk art revival of the late 90’s and early 2000’s has come and gone – and many of the players are no longer in the scene. Most of the successful artists either stuck with the House of Blues, Cathead or Yarddog – or opened their own galleries to keep the bulk of the profits for themselves. Most art buyers would be shocked to learn a standard art gallery takes 50% of the sale, and only offers items on consignment… leaving the folk artist waiting months to get paid.

Artists like Stan Street, Dr Bob, Lamar Sorrento, Dan Dalton, JD Sipe – and myself – Grego Anderson –  sell on our own and thru galleries – carries a few of these other artists. I began Mojohand back in the early 2000’s in order to have more control over my career, finding galleries were attempting to stop me from self promotion, even making rules about what I could put on my own website at the time…. so one day I took ALL my art back. Back from over 10 galleries all over the USA – and I learned e-commerce from the ground floor.

Unlike other galleries, at you speak with the artist – not an employee, intern or temp…. Grego Anderson is the sole employee… you can discuss commission work, bulk orders and foreign shipping direct with the owner/artist. is your home for Everything Blues

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