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Unfortunately, my unique and original art style – as well as my Blues slogans – have been copied many times by less than talented and nefarious individuals and organizations. I have successfully defended my copyrights in federal and international courts in the past – and will continue to do so. I scour the web and social media constantly identifying those who blatantly steal my intellectual property – but as a one man operation, this is a time consuming and maddening game of hide and seek.

If you see unauthorized or counterfeit Mojohand tees, art or posters online, email me the link and I will personally send you some Blues merch as a thank you for alerting me to currently unknown bootleggers. Real Blues lovers need to stick together, and I appreciate your help!


This is a legal notice for those individuals planning on stealing my images and using them on multiple online t-shirt platforms such as tee spring, tee chip, sun frog and others – by visiting, you agree that all images are the sole property of Grego Anderson and – and that re-using them, copying them or using them as reference material to create copies is a violation of federal and/or state/international laws. You also understand and agree to facing legal action, as well as paying substantial penalties and damages for misrepresenting my artwork as your own.