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The Crossroads of Clarksdale – a Blues poem by Grego Anderson

by | Mar 22, 2023

The Crossroads of Clarksdale

At the crossroads of Clarksdale town,
Where dusty roads converge and wind around,
The Delta Blues emerged one fateful night,
When Robert Johnson made a deal for his life.

He played his guitar with a haunting sound,
And sang of pain and sorrows abound,
His music spoke of a life so hard,
And struck a chord thru this immortal bard

In Clarksdale, where the blues still reign,
The legacy of Robert Johnson remains,
His spirit lives on in every note,
And echoes through the streets where he once wrote.

So come and visit this hallowed place,
Where the Delta Blues still hold their grace,
And let the music transport your soul,
To the crossroads where Robert Johnson made his goal.

copyright 2022 – Grego Anderson /

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