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Grego goes on TV to fight bootlegs of his Mojohand artwork

by | Jan 3, 2018

After sending out over 100 cease and desist letters to facebook advertising bootleggers, I went on tv to spread the message

In 2017, a rash of illegal and counterfeit versions of my artwork were listed for sale on T-shirt platforms advertised all over facebook. Teechip, Teespring, Teezily, Sunfrog, Redbubble and many others were all guilty of allowing and profiting from the unauthorized sale of my artwork. I eventually was forced to retain legal council and proceeded to demand – and receive – just compensation from many offenders…. still I run across these thieves all over the globe – finding them thru online searches I have developed that help me to gain their personal information, and then filing federal lawsuits against their personal incomes and possessions. It takes a lot of time, is very annoying that I even need to do this – and it really hurts the image of to have knockoff product floating around the web.

The pic below shows the set-up for a lengthy interview I set up with fellow Austin artist Robert Hurst, who was also getting very badly ripped off by these companies…. and it still persists. For every one we shut down, 2 more pop up. If you see any of my art for sale in weird, online store that aren’t – I offer free gifts and rewards for information leading to the halting of the theft and the restitution of my lost income and damages to my business. Email me here: with any tips!

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