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Son House | Everything you need to know about Blues Music

by | May 17, 2022

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Son House | Everything you need to know about Blues Music

Learn all about the legend of Delta Blues music, Son House

Who was Son House?

Son House  was an American delta blues singer and guitarist, noted for his highly emotional style of singing and slide guitar playing. After years of hostility to secular music, as a preacher and for a few years also working as a church pastor, he turned to blues performance at the age of 25.

When was Son House Born?

Son House was born on March 21, 1902 in the city of Lyon in Mississippi.


What was Son House’s Real Name?

Robert Johnson’s real name was Edward James “Son” House Jr.


What are Son House’s Best known songs?

  • Death Letter
  • Preachin’ Blues
  • Pearline
  • Grinnin’ in Your Face
  • Louise McGhee
  • Sundown
  • John the Revelator
  • Levee Camp Moan
  • Empire State Express
  • Death Letter
  • Down the Staff,
  • Levee Camp Moan
  • Motherless, Children
  • Grinnin’ in Your Face
  • Yonder Comes My Mother
  • Shake It and Break It
  • Preachin’ Blues
  • Pony Blues
  • President Kennedy
  • Down Hearted Blues

When did Son House die?

Robert Johnson died on October 19, 1988 in Detroit.

What kind of guitar did Son House play?

From the Sixties onward, House—his use of National resonator guitars (“Style O”)—influenced music makers from Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, to Jack White, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes.


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